Nostalgia Saturdays: Barbie and the Rockers

It’s too hot to do anything and since today is supposedly the end of the world I decided to write an entry on the one animated Barbie movie no one really remembered except for those in the era before the CGI ones.

Most of us know Barbie from her dolls and toy line, but I didn’t grow up in love with the dolls or anything. I thought they were nice and thought it would be cool to play dress up with them. It wasn’t something I necessarily had to have. As a girl growing up in a poor neighborhood, my parents could really care less about what I liked so I grew up with a bit of everything which made me a tomboy. I was more into the techie stuff anyway.

My very first Barbie movie was Barbie as Rapunzel and in all honesty, I didn’t think much of it. I liked Barbie growing up because she didn’t annoy me and the adventures were decent so that passed the test of a kid’s standards. But while we’re on the topic of her older movies, let’s just say that the older the better. Barbie of Swan Lake was probably one of the darkest movie out of the whole series, the atmosphere that went into design was pretty alright for scaring a five-year old kid. But there was also something that was more “deep” about the older movies that the newer movies just don’t have anymore. The animation was always…sketchy and rough I might say, but it’s not horrible. I binge-watched every movie one summer and I noticed that as the years progressed, the movies just got lazier and lazier. Barbie and the Three Musketeers and Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses are my favorites still. The soundtrack for The Princess and the Pauper movie is also a favorite.

The Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse series was pretty alright because it was a satire of the franchise in general. It had some good jokes and made me laugh, but then again, to people who don’t understand it, it might not seem all that appealing.

But as I was rummaging through Wikipedia looking at Barbie movie titles I found a special called Barbie and the Rockers.


In fact, someone has been kind enough to upload it up on Youtube as where most old TV specials go these days for those in search of nostalgia.

It was so strange seeing this anime-ified Barbie from the 80s singing tunes that would have probably been playing on the radio back then. The animation was so different from what we’re used to seeing with Barbie because she’s a doll so the plastic look was always just the go-to for animating her. It was a pretty alright piece of work coming from the eighties. It reminded me of Sky Dancers which I unfortunately only saw two episodes of from a VHS I once owned.

It was a 25 minute special and the voice acting was funky at times, they tried to fit as many songs in as possible, and the plot was out of this world, literally. But it was quite fun to watch. It serves to remind us that we don’t get stuff like this anymore. I mean, we get weirder things now. Then again, the world has always been a bit weird.

You can watch it here:


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