Nostalgia Saturdays: Sky Dancers

Ten years later and the theme song is still stuck in my head.

Sky Dancers is one of those shows that no one except me remember from my childhood. I haven’t talked to anyone about it. It’s almost like how no one I know talk about Winx Club. We all know we watched it at one point in our childhood, but we don’t ever talk about it. It’s like an embarrassment to admit, but well, it happened so we have to deal.


I had a VHS tape when I was five or six and I rewatched the two episodes on it over and over because that was all we got on VHS back then. I remember the tape was bright pink and it contained the episodes “Sky’s The Limit” and “On Wings of Song” which were episode 1 and episode 2 respectively. I never really got into it, but it held some nostalgic value for just being in a part of my life.

It was a show with only one season and twenty-six episodes that aired in the 1990s, specifically 1996 and was pulled from air after some educational regulations were passed. I guess you don’t get to stay on air for children if you weren’t educational enough, but take a look at all of the shows we have now that have horrible ways of portraying morals to children and with horrible and utterly lazy animation to boot. I question your decisions, America. I really do. Pickle and Peanut, really?

And of course, if you’re mainstream enough and have connections and you’re raking in those views, they’ll keep you around.

I never went back to watching the rest of the series. It never got me interested enough for that, but I do know that most shows were either created by or for a toy line so it’s not like this show was clean of that guilt either. This is one reason why I still love Arthur. It’s fun, educational, and there wasn’t a commercial every five minutes about wanting to sell the merchandise.

But the show Sky Dancers was created due to the popularity of those whirligig toys girls used to play with back then. You know the wind-up toys things that you pull a string and it flies up in the air then crash-lands down on your face. Yep, those things. I was surprised the series lasted for so long, but damn that intro song sure was a keeper. In fact, the song is probably the only thing worth talking about.


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