One-shot: Colors

It seemed to be always raining ash lately, it blanketed the earth with a thick grey sludge that stained clothes and skin. Even though the weatherman said it would warm up the temperature remained its constant -50 the same temperature for the past 30 years. The only way to go anywhere was to bundle up in layers upon layers, your face had to be covered at all times and a mask to filter the toxic fumes was recommended. Where normal clothing stores used to stand now stood ash clothing. The thicker the better, you could choose between the latest styles of box or triangle cut overthrows. All under clothing was standard coarse wool and cotton with a layer of fleece sown underneath both shirt and pants.

30 years ago the sky was a bright blue with cotton clouds in various warm hues, one could tell what the weather would be like by judging the sky. And when the sun set, it was a marvelous thing. Splashes of reds, purples, creams, oranges, and yellows and sometimes pink would paint the sky ‘it was almost like glimpsing heaven above’ some mothers tell their children in bed. But how would you explain such colors to a child who only sees in grey. Parents try to grow colorful plants inside their safe houses but they wither and die without the nourishing life of the sun. Crayons and colored pencils were long ago used for kindle or candles that now have been burned down to bare wick. Children never want to hear about the night sky ‘why would you like something so dark and dull?’ Parents try to explain that the night sky was beautiful too maybe even more. Kids don’t want to hear about twinkling lights or the moon ‘its just white and blak, we see that every day’. Parents mourn the colors that children will never get to see, the beauty of the world is now washed in tones of grey, dark blues and black.

Once in a while their will be a story about a splashes of colors out west, where the ash fall isn’t so thick, but these are just rumors some say. Sometimes people wonder what life would be like if the world hasn’t ended in explosive ball of chemicals.

Life goes on.

and on

and on.

One day something occurs that is abnormal. A mother walks her child down a cleared path, both of them wearing thick woolen layers head to toe. The only thing visible are their eyes, fine flecks of the fallen grey as layered upon their lashes. Some as gotten into the child’s eye, the mother acts quickly dropping to her knees in the packed ash she gently wipes away the girls streaming tears. A flash of something catches her attention,  she lowers her gloved hand the child is now sniffing quietly because she too noticed something strange. There across the street something odd is there. A girl no older than 12 stands there, her hair is not wrapped up is the first thing the mother notes, the second is color. Red, crimson, scarlet, and the color of flames graced this girls head. The mother knows if she would see the girls eyes they too would be a rainbow of colors. Colored red.

‘Mama?’ her daughters voice beckings her too look away from the colored red, her daughters dull brown eyes are still glossy with tears. ‘Not now little one,’ The mom looks back up to see if the girl colored red is still there. She’s not. ‘Mama?’ ‘That was red dear, and most breath-taking color of life. Don’t you ever forget such a color.’ ‘M’kay’. The days continue on from then normally. Where the red girl once stood now grows flowers, their petals open up to reveal colors of red. No ash touched those flowers and still none today. Though no one can see their color, its a dull grey to them. To see colors is to know colors.

There are rumors of splashes of colors out there where the ash doesn’t fall so heavily. Greens, blues, reds, yellows, and every color in between are known to be spotted out in the west weaving in between stones of different sizes and heights. . Such a beauty to be seen, is what people tell others.

Some say the colors will come back, some say not. Some wonder where the colored ones come from and where they go. It’s all a mystery really.

Days after the red sighting, the mother wakes up as one would one day. She rolls over and spots something different, blue, iris, zaffre, cyan and azure hairs are gathered in her hand. It curls under her chin and tickles her nose. And she knows if she would to see past the gentle face of her daughter into her eyes she would see an endless blue. She mustn’t look away she knows this, but something compels her. She glances away just for a second, but a second is just enough.

Some people wonder where the colors come from, some question if they’re really seeing colors. But others know. They know the truth. Colors are innocent and delicate things, they come and go like the cold wind. It would make sense that a child’s soul would bring forth the colors once again. But is it worth it?

They say out west there are endless colors, all swaying in the wind. Petals drift softly on the currents, and branches hang low with sweet fruits. Its truly a beautiful sight. But so are the are the forget-me-nots that grow along a stone beside the house that is coated in ash. Everyday the mother glances at them, and stares and cries.

Some say the colors are a gift, other say a curse. But those that know can’t help be cry at the sight of colors; beautiful colors grace the lands far to the west. Where the ash doesn’t fall so heavy and stones that stand are graced with colors till the end.







Drip Drip

Tee here~

A quick summary about where I work and what I do. I work at a German Deli and Bakery. There is also a small market inside, there is no produce in the market just dry goods and jams. It’s a small and cozy place, when you walk in a cow bell announces your presence to the workers. A large show case give customers the chance to view our home-baked goods. Fresh baked loaves of bread sit nestled together on the wall awaiting to be bought. Cheese Pockets and Berliners are steaming and oozing sweet goodness.
A deli sits to the left of the Bakery section, cold cuts and deli meats sit neat and tidy next to each other. German salads, sauerkrauts, cucumber salad, and fleish salad sit just under 20 different cheeses. Drying sausages hang in the back. A sitting area for eating and what not faces the deli, old heavy oak tables and benches line the wall.
So its a nice place. I work the deli, bakery and cash register. We all do, its a small place so we can.

So here’s where the story begins, its Tuesday. We just opened the market coffee is brewing, bread is being cut and the heavens decide to open up. Water starts pouring outside, which means no customers because who would come in when its raining cats and dogs. So my co-worker and I are left to clean what we can, to make the time move. I’m on the step-stool cleaning the coffee aisle, when I hear my name being yelled. So I stop what I was doing, head over to where my co-worker is. And I find her staring at the wooden beam over the deli, and all I hear is Drip, drip, drip onto the metal counter top.

We have a leak, and it just gets worse from there, the leaks spread. From one end of the counter to the other. We have to unplug the scale weights, and the TV monitor. She runs to the kitchen to get pans, and we line the counter with them. We still needed a scale so we plugged one in to a separate outlet. Its fine, we got it covered. We told the manager, she alerted the owner, we think its over.

A couple hours later, still not customers its almost 12. I go to make myself a sandwich when something catches my eye, there is a leak going into the light box. And I freak, “______” I yell for my manager, she comes running out I point to the leak she curses in German and stuffs paper between the small pipe that holds the wires and the wall.

For the rest of the day we have to check on the pans, empty them ect ect.
I left around 2, my manager was worried the wooden beam might break over night from the water seepage.

I haven’t gotten a cal yet, so I’ll have to wait until morning to see if I’m still going in for my shift.

I’ll keep you updated.


Current addiction #1

Current addiction of Feb ’15.

Though this anime only has one season with 25 episodes, it will draw you in with the emotional roller coasters, and character developments like you have never seen. (maybe)
Haikyuu, is about story of Hinata, a small teenage boy who makes up for his lack of height with natural determination and amazing jumps. After watching a high school volleyball match on a TV in his local town, Hinata falls in love with a player named ‘The Little Giant’ from Karasuno High. Full of enthusiasm and keen to make a name for himself in the sport, Hinata joins the boys volleyball club at his junior high, it soon turns out that he is the only player, a one man team. This though does not detour his determination. He practiced every day for three years by himself, or with the girls volleyball team. When he did favors for his friends, he would ask for them to practice with him as a payment of the favor that he did.

In his senior year, Hinata is able to make a team with his friends (most of whom have never played volleyball), and together they enter into a tournament. While playing int he said tournament, Hinata’s little team of scraggle muffins goes against Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High. Kitagawa happens to be one of the best volleyball teams in the junior high tournament. Even that doesn’t make Hinata back down. He was able to make multiple goals on the opponent team.

0JRCySN (minus this one)

Hinata encounters ‘The King’ from Kitagawa during the match. Tobio Kageyama, earned this nickname from his teammates in Junior High because, though he was a genius player, his strong attitude and quick temper resulted in isolation from the rest of the team. Because Kageyama plays to win every game and has lock on target toss, however the speed of his tosses are difficult for people to match which he finds frustrating and he often takes his frustrations out on his teammates during the games they play. When Hinata and Kageyama come face to face for the first time, Kageyama’s attitude clashes with Hinata’s and they quickly become enemies.

The story soon flashes forward to Hinata entering Karasuno High School, where he plans to follow the steps of his idol “The Little Giant”, by entering the school volleyball program. But before he can become a member of the team he comes face to face with none other than Kageyama.

And this is where I leave…
See you soon, Tee~.